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Jack Heeringa Flower Wholesale

The company

Jack Heeringa Bloemverwerking BV is a wholesale and processing company in flowers and plants, located at Flora Holland flower auction in Rijnsburg. From this site, we work every day on lovely, fresh, directly sellable products. In our modern site, we have 7 processing lines, a bouquet making department and a wholesale packaging department. We focus on the retail market within Europe and our fellow trade companies at all the auctions in the Netherlands and Germany. We also have a shipping export department which targets countries like Russia, Romania and Hungary.


In 1980, Jack Heeringa Bloemverwerking BV started its own nursery on Vinkenweg in Rijnsburg. Here, mainly tulips, (standard) chrysanthemums and various outdoor flowers were grown. Over the years, more and more products were traded here, which led Jack Heeringa Bloemverwerking BV to move to Floraholland Rijnsburg in 2009. Since 2012, Jack Heeringa Bloemverwerking BV has been at a new location within Floraholland Rijnsburg with 7000 metres of floor area, dealing room and office facilities. Ready for the future!

Jack Heeringa Flower Wholesale