Assortment: specialised in bouquets


Every day, fresh flowers are purchased through our “dealing room” at the clock auctions at Flora Holland Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. We also work closely with various growers at home and abroad.


In consultation with our experienced bouquet makers, every week our sales team puts together a varied assortment of bouquets in different price categories.


We also buy plants remotely from all Flora Holland sites. Now that we have the option of buying plants through the Rhein-Maas auction (Germany) too, we can offer you an extensive plant assortment.

Mix and mono products

Via our modern processing lines, these flowers are prepared for sale. This can be done in different ways and in different compositions, provided with a price/barcode sticker, flower feed or packed in water boxes. Various options can be discussed.

Mixed bouquets

Besides hand-made bouquets from our bouquet department, we also produce mixed bouquets in different compositions and price categories.

Mixed tulips

Traditionally, we have always been known for our tulips and this product is still very successful. Per bunch, the tulips are a mix of at least 8 colours, and of the same age and the same weight. Here too, different variants are possible with regard to packaging, wooden cask and content. Our permanent team of staff has been creating mixes for years. These include single, double, parrot and pastel mix. Other colour combinations are naturally available on request.


Hand-made bouquets

Every day, our experienced bouquet makers make bouquets in varying price categories and compositions, bouquets based on customer wishes as well as their own creations. By making and arranging new bouquets every week, we try to offer the most varied range of bouquets. We also have close contact with our sleeve supplier to be able to give the packaging a contemporary feel.