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Florists and retailers can also use the services of Jack Heeringa Bloemverwerking. Our partnerships with several transport companies means that you will have no concerns about supplies.


For exports to Eastern Europe, we have an export department where flowers, plants and bouquets are prepared for transport, usually boxed.

Line rider

Wholesalers and line riders can order ready-to-sell products from us. In addition, many companies use our purchase facilities and our webshop, for example.


The retail market is custom served by our sales staff who create programmes for chains in Europe all year round. These include on-going orders and weekly or daily offers. Using modern processing lines, the mono and mixed bouquets are produced. The hand bouquets are made in the bouquet department.

Procedure for becoming a customer

Becoming a customer of Jack Heeringa Bloemverwerking BV is fast and easy using the following steps:

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